Kalagadi Lions

Some Lion images from my recent Kalagadi trip. Not the best light for photography, but somehow these beautiful creatures of the bush remain photogenic despite the conditions, and they always get my full attention.

We all recognize male lions as the Kings of the jungle, however one cannot dispute the absolute beauty of the Queens of the bush. Apart from their exquisteness, the females are super hunters too. Their really cute and adorable cubs adds to the joy of the shoot and provides endless delight.


2 replies to “Kalagadi Lions

  1. All the photographs are beautiful, but these lion pics in particular make us think of Dou.
    Just as these lions are a symbol of strength and courage, so is Dou.
    He is one of the most dedicated and determined people we know and it is an honor to be able to call him our friend.


    1. Thank you for the kind comments Marchelle and Craig. You are too kind. Your comments leaves me inspired. Everytime I look at these Lion images my soul finds the connection to the Kgalagadi.


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