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The purpose of this Website/Blog is to share my Nature Photographic images with friends, photographers and anyone who has an appreciation for ‘Inspiring’ Nature Images.  Please look at my recent posts, visit the respective pages and feel free to share your views on this website. More importantly I would sincerely appreciate your comments on my posts and images.

All the images are original images created by me and hence they are copyright © to Dou Pienaar. All rights reserved. No reproduction, which includes copying / saving of image files, or the digital manipulation of these files, are authorized.IMG_5539

I am a businessman by career and a Nature Photographer by vocation. As a conservationist I have always had the desire to capture the inspiring scenes and images that I was fortunate enough to witness during many years of exposure to Private and Public game reserves all over Africa.

During a two year ‘timeout from business’ phase of my life in 2008 and 2009 I had the time to take my passion for Nature Photography to another level. Since I started creating Nature Photographic images with a Nikon D70 and a Nikon 80 – 400mm Zoom lens I have found Nikon’s equipment to work well for me. It is user friendly and the quality of Nikkor lenses are in my opinion superior to any alternative out there.  I still shoot with the latest Nikon systems that I can get my hands on.

Rule of Africa

From the #1 NY bestseller ‘the untethered soul’ by Michael Singer:

‘What actually gives life meaning is the willingness to experience life’s events.’

Two of my other interests are Mountain Biking and Triathlons and in particular the Wines2Whales Mountain biking event and the Iron Man series of Triathlons.

We only live once and challenging our bodies and our minds while enriching our souls, to me,  makes life worth living.

Mountain Biking – Wines2Whales

Iron Man Africa Championship April 2016


IronMan 70.3 Buffalo City South Africa 28 January 2018

Iron Man 70.3 World Championships 2018

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Email me at dou@doupienaar.co.za

One reply to “About Me

  1. Hi Dou
    Great to meet you on the Etosha trip with Lou Coetzer in July. You have a excellent site! Our Chobe trip was everything you expected it to be. The close proximity of the wildlife was great, so my images from there are rather better than those from Etosha. Perhaps too I was starting to get the hang of the N***n cameras and to hit the right buttons at the right time…
    I’ve recently finished editing my Chobe images, and they are on my website http://www.martingracephotography.com. I’m currently building the Etosha gallery. I have all sorts of other stuff on the website – landscape, travel, antiquity etc from the Arctic to the Antarctic, but we don’t have the same quality of wildlife photo opportunities in the UK.
    Dorothy and I are off to the Falkland Islands and Chile (again) in January/February. Chile is a great country to visit, with so many different habitats and such variety of wildlife in its 3200 miles from north to south. We’re going to the very north this time, again with Claudio Vidal of Far South Expeditions (highly recommended).
    Best wishes
    Martin Grace


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