Kalagadi 2016

A friend told me the story of the ‘Bushmen’ of the Kalahari that were asked how they decide to stay or to move on as they are Nomadic by nature. The Bushmen explained that they know when to stop and camp when they discover that their souls need to ‘catch up’ with their bodies.

For the last 6 years (Bar last year) I have been doing a trip to the Kalagadi Transfrontier Game park on the Northern border of South Africa where SA meets East Namibia and South Botswana. A week in this semi desert location of wonderful nature is one of having my soul fed with the greatness of Nature. In a way my soul catches up with my body I guess. In the last year in particular I have challenged my body profoundly by doing 2 half and one full Iron Man triathlons, a challenge for sure at the age of 57.

Well I have just returned from my annual Kalagadi visit and I can report that my soul has caught up with my body, so I can move on with new energy and tenacity in challenging my body and soul. The Kgalagadi Park has received good rains this last summer, the animals are in particularly good condition and the ecology seems as well functioning as ever.

The images below are from this trip. I will make another post in due course with more images of this soul enriching trip to the Kalahari.



One reply to “Kalagadi 2016

  1. Beautiful pics and story. You must be proud of yourself for all your achievements. Know u will ice the next Ironman again. Work and play hard. Lovies Saneldi


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