More Cheetah Hunting Lesson


As promised in my previous post under the topic of (Cheetah Hunting Lesson) based on my recent visit to the Masai Mara in Kenya, here are some images of the diligent Cheetah mother that skillfully caught a Thompons Gazelle Fawn in order to provide her cub with a hunting lesson. The kill started with the Cheetah mother using our vehicles to scout the terrain for prey. She then jumped from the vehicle and got into the hunt immediatly. What followed was a classical Cheetah Hunting Lesson.

The Mother chased over the plains of the savannah and caught the Fawn. She then presented it to the Cub, who wanted to start eating. By the Mother’s design, the Fawn was not dead and made a break for it as soon as the mother put it down on the ground. The Cub’s lesson started and a sequence of chases by the Cub on the Fawn palyed off in front of us. The Cub eventually had at least three attempts before finally catching and killing the Fawn.

The images in this post, as a sequance, might, in the minds of many professional Nature photographers be not ‘photographically perfect’. To me however, this was an amazing and unforgettable experience to wittness and under the circumstances as well as the prevailing conditions on the day, I am satisfied that I was able to capture, as well as was possible I guess, this unique Nature Story in the Masai Mara.

These Cats have adapted well to conditions in the Masai Mara. Personally I question the sustainability of how this amazing Natutral resource is used by the people of Kenya, what I can not argue with is the amazing Photographic opportunity it provides for creating inspiring Photographic Nature Images!

Click on the first image to enlarge and follow the sequence to enjoy the story! In the Viewer there is also the option to look at individual images in full size!


Please click on the images to enlarge

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