More Etosha 2013 images

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Elephant Silhouette

Etosha Elephant Silhouette

Some more Etosha 2013 (non bird) images. Nature Photography of the animals in Etosha invariably takes place around waterholes, but sometimes there are images to capture on the plains too. The Etosha Pans as a backdrop at sunset reminds your soul that you are in the African bush again. There is nothing spectacular about the gallary of images in this post, however for me looking at them reminds me of exciting photography moments and of soul feeding time in the Etosha Nature Reserve in Namibia.

It also reminds me of being in the presence of Nature and the bush, of sitting around the fire after an exciting day of capturing images of the African bush, while enjoying the company of like minded photographers and friends while tasting a thirst quenching cocktail before dinner. I guess I am talking about those moments when you stare into the fire while you let your soul take in the amazing night sounds of nature, and you feel fortunate, satisfied and at peace.

 It is clearly time for me to get to the Bush!

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