More of my favourite Sandibe Leopard

DJPLeopard15-10-11BdeltaHere are some more images of my favourite Leopard.  As mentioned in previous posts she entertained us for hours in the Botswana Okavango Delta bush during our stay at the & Beyond, Sandibe Lodge. These were captured in August 2011 and to this day I can see her right in front of us when I close my eyes. Hunting inquisitively and posing in between focused efforts to find prey.  As she constantly searched the area with all her senses, using every tree as a vantage point she became one with her environment.

On this particular game drive, we were out looking for what the & Beyond Game guide said was a positive Cheetah sighting the day before.  It was getting late in the morning, and I saw her in the far distance as she came off a Termite mound.  She was hungry and was positively in hunting mode.  She first tried to catch a Cape Fox (Image included), then went for none less than a Honey Badger with a pup, and after that stalked some impala. With no hunting success she evantually relaxed on a tree branch and then dissappeared into the thick bush where we lost sight of her.  If you have ever ran a marathon you will recognise that ‘glow’ that your body experiences for a good few hours or days after the race. Well after this shoot I felt like I had run a marathon with my soul.  It is moments like this that feeds my passion for Nature Photography.

In the next weeks I will post more images from this trip to the Okavango Delta Bush.

As allways please let me know what you think by leaving a comment

Please click on Images to enlarge!

Please click on Images to enlarge!


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